Need a theatre tour general managing on your behalf - whether it is a small 2-to-3 venue tour or a full, year-long UK-wide tour? Imagine Theatre can help - fill in the form to get in touch with us!

We regularly general manage Justin Fletcher's live theatre shows (please note we are not involved in festivals or Butlins dates for Justin). We have recently general managed Andy and Mike's Tick Tock Time Machine, starring CBeebies' Andy Day, How Lion Became King of Tinga Tinga Land, Justin Fletcher's 2017 sell-out tour Justin's Party! and Justin’s 2019 tour Justin Live.

We have also worked with BBC Worldwide as General Managers for the following tours:

  • 2007/8 Tweenies theatre tour

  • 2008/9 CBeebies at the Theatre tour, and

  • 2009 UK-wide, 45-venue tour of Tweenies, Top of the Tots.

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