Imagine Theatre - producer of pantomime and children's theatre offering spectacular entertainment for the whole family across the UK.

Providing a range of services from the hire of individual costumes, pantomime scripts, special effects or theatrical sets through to the staging of entire productions!

Building on a legacy of family entertainment stretching back over 25 years, the Imagine Theatre team - led by Steve Boden and Sarah Boden supported by an amazing team of professionals - facilitate productions in more than 50 venues across the UK. 

If you are interested in finding out more or want to talk to us about our pantomimes, children's theatre, theatrical hires and theatre productions, then please get in touch!

Our History

(1994 - 2005)

Tell-Tale was formed in 1994 by Iain Lauchlan and Will Brenton. They were joined by Karl Woolley in 1997, and Helen Cadwallader and Steve Boden in 1998. Under their management, Tell-Tale grew steadily to become one of the leading producers of television and theatre for children in the UK. In 2004, Tell-Tale was taken over and became a division of Entertainment Rights Plc.

WISH Theatre
(2005 - 2009)

Following the take over of Tell-Tale, the 'pantomime and theatre' arm of Tell-Tale was released from Entertainment Rights to Will, Iain, Steve and Helen (hence the acronym WISH) and a new company - WISH Theatre - was formed in May 2005. Sarah Boden joined the company during 2006.

Imagine Theatre
(2009 onwards)

In April 2009, the company evolved once more and became Imagine Theatre in an exciting new chapter, with Steve and Sarah buying out Will, Iain and Helen, and taking full ownership and control of the company.

During 2012, Imagine Theatre re-located to a custom built warehouse facility in Coventry where we house our offices and workshops, 42 complete pantomime sets, a massive collection of pantomime special effects, and over 20,000 costume and prop pieces.  In addition to the pantomimes we produce ourselves every year, we hire sets, costumes, props, special effects or any combination of these to more than 30 other pantos.

During the 2018 panto season, Imagine Theatre opened their 150th professional pantomime production.