The panto adventure begins for the cast of Eden Court's production of Dick Whittington

The panto mayhem began recently for Eden Court when the Dick Whittington cast got together for the photo shoot.

 In addition to the previously announced Ross Allan as Smee, Steven Wren as Nanny McSmee and Charlotte Forbes in the title role of Dick Whittington, are Colin Little as King Rat, Amy Scott as Fairy Bowbells and Alice Fitzwarren and Euan Bennet as Stinky.

 For Euan, Dick Whittington will mark his second visit to Eden Court in 2016 as he will also be appearing at the theatre in a stage adaptation of the popular Sunday Post comic strip The Broons in October.

 Euan’s character of Stinky is the side kick of the villainous King Rat. Colin Little, who is taking on the role of Dick Whittington’s nemesis says “I LOVE playing the baddie! It's been a role I've played many times over the years and it's definitely my favourite. You don't always get the jokes but you always get some of the best lines. It's so much fun winding up the audience and hearing them 'boooo' until they are blue in the face. It's always such an important role in terms of the story, too. If there's no sense of jeopardy, then there's nothing for our heroes to overcome. This is my first time playing King Rat, I cannot wait to get started.” 

 Eagled eyed viewers may recently have spotted Colin in the BBC Sunday night series The Secret Agent starring Toby Jones.

 “The Secret Agent was an amazing experience, I've been doing a lot more television in recent years and it is very different to theatre. Whereas in theatre you work with a cast for weeks and weeks, you bond, and go through it all together, in TV, it's a bit more solitary. You all work out of sequence and although you are all cast mates, if you don't have scenes together, you might never actually meet! I really do love both disciplines but nothing beats a winter panto! It really is the best job in the world, it's the one time of year where the sole objective is to make sure everyone in the audience has as much fun a possible.”

 Dick Whittington will be Amy Scott’s second for pantomime producers Imagine Theatre, having previously appeared in Mother Goose as Fairy Betty back in 2008 at the Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock.

 “Playing a dual role is going to be quite challenging this year as Alice Fitzwarren and Fairy Bowbells are very different characters but I know it will be great fun so I am really looking forward to it.

 Book your tickets now to see this fabulous cast. Dick Whittington runs from Tuesday 6th December 2016 until Sunday 8th January 2017