Justin to make 'magical' appearance in Snow White at Southport Theatre

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? is going to be an important question at the Southport Theatre and Convention Centre come the festive season and one that will be answered by children’s television favourite Justin Fletcher*. Justin will be making a special appearance via video projection as the Magic Mirror in a spectacular special effect that will delight all the family.

Steve Boden from Imagine Theatre who are once again producing the pantomime in Southport explains at little more about how it works. “Justin appears in our magic mirror sequence via a pre-recorded video projection. It is a fabulous special effect as the mirror dominates the stage and Justin, as always, gives a wonderfully comical performance - I think our Magic Mirror is probably the funniest in pantoland! It is great to watch the interaction between him and the Wicked Queen as he tells her she is no longer the fairest in the land - as needless to say it is not what she wants to hear! Although Justin is not there in person the children still get very excited when the mirror comes to life and they see him for the first time.”