2013 Panto Facts

The 2013 pantomime season has drawn to a close, so as usual, here are the Imagine Theatre Interesting Facts for this pantomime season

  •  The curtain went up 465 times on an Imagine Theatre panto.
  • The oldest cast member was 72 years of age, and the youngest was 8. These were not in the same pantomime!
  • 296 licenses for children were obtained from 39 difference licensing authorities. This activity alone involved us dealing with 7,500 pieces of paper!
  • 2,370 mince pies were eaten at Mince Pie Matinees across 6 of our venues.
  • The Song Sheets were sung 2,884 times.
  • The designs of the artwork for our productions made up over 3,500 MB worth of data.
  • More than 14,000 photographs were taken at dress rehearsals.
  • 39,290 costume changes took place.
  • Over 60,000 emails were sent and received at the Imagine Theatre offices over the course of 2013.
  • At Imagine HQ we got through 147 reams of paper, which means 73,500 individual pieces.
  • 85,800 lighting cues were given the 'go'.
  • Adding up the number of stairs in each venue, the number of cast, crew, babes etc, and the number of times those stairs were climbed, we estimate that over 5,500,000 stairs were climbed over the 2013 panto season.

Thank you so much to all the casts, crew, venue staff, audiences and anyone who has helped us in any way for this pantomime season. We couldn't have done it without you and we are forever grateful.