Game created by Ashley James Brown for Imagine Theatre Ltd

The object of the game is very, very simple - you must land a pie on the Dame to score a Splatt! Objects such as cakes and brick walls stand in your way to protect the dame so you have to aim just right, or you can try and knock everything out of the way - you can play it however you wish. You have 5 pies (attempts) per level and some levels are harder than others

The game is aimed at kids of all ages and for all the big kids inside us adults too!!!

Developed exclusively for Imagine Theatre this game uses gorgeous hand dawn retina display graphics and features traditional panto sound effects and the voice of our very own panto dame extraordinaire and Creative Director, Iain Lauchlan.

Head on over to the Apple AppStore and download this FREE game to get you in the panto mood. If you dont have acces to an Apple iPod/iPhone then you can try our web version in conjunction with our theatre venues. The game runs using the new web2.0 standard of HTML5 and as such requires the most up to date version of your browser. We cannot guarantee that our web game will run on older browsers and we recommend using Safari for the best experience

Have fun! Can you get the Dame with only 1 pie on every level?

Imagine Theatre has been working closely with Coventry-based Interaction Designer Ashley Brown to develop this new iOS game based around the experience of coming to one of our pantomime productions.