This year's interesting panto facts...

As the Imagine Theatre 2009/10 panto season draws to a close, here’s this year’s interesting panto facts.

During the 2009 Imagine Panto Season…

  • Over 31,680 costume changes took place,
  • Dawn and Karen in our wardrobe department prep’d over 5,000 costume pieces,
  • Ian, Phil and the stores team have moved over 5,000 scenic pieces in and out of our stores,
  • Deb and Sophie in our props department got through more than 500 glue gun glue sticks and seven very large rolls of bubble wrap!
  • We mixed 3,985 litres of slosh,
  • There were nearly 3,250 pyros let off,
  • There was over 1.5 km of text written on the show reports,
  • We obtained over 200 licenses for children to perform on stage,
  • This year the Imagine team watched 112 pantomimes,
  • And over 203,000 people watched an Imagine Theatre panto.

Thank you so much to all the casts, crew, venue staff, audiences and anyone who has helped us in any way for this pantomime season. We couldn't have done it without you and we are forever grateful.