Production meetings and parties

We nearly had one of our 'have we got enough mugs in the office' type crisies today! There were 11 of us in the office, and we own 14 mugs, three of which have gone AWOL somewhere around the building, so panic was beginning to ensue when Louise came up trumps - with Happy Birthday cups and plates for the surprise party thrown for Sarah, Phil and Ian's birthdays!

The office was so busy because Rob Marsden (Director, Porthcawl), Matt Loughran (Musical Director, Porthcawl) and Simon Butcher (Lighting, Porthcawl) had all come in for the production meeting for the panto. Add in Steve Boden (Executive Producer, Imagine), Iain Lauchlan (Creatives), Ian Plimbley (Production Manager for the show), Chris Ball (sound and technicals) and Phil Roe (stores) and it was a busy but VERY productive meeting!

Hayley was also in helping Louise with all the babes licensing that's going on at the moment. It's unbelieveable how much paperwork is involved in licensing the babes to get them on stage. Louise is on her 6th ream of paper already, and that's only for 4 pantos... we've another 3 sets of auditions still to go. We did have dreams of a paperless office once upon a time, but alas, it's just not physically possible...

L-R Hayley (Admin), Steve (Executive Producer), Chris (Technicals), Louise (Production Assistant), Phil (Stores), Iain (Creatives), Rob (Director - Porthcawl), Ian (Stores), Simon (Lighting - Porthcawl), Matt (Musical Director - Porthcawl), Sarah (Business Manager).