Beauty and the Beast music planning meeting

It's August and so that means it's panto planning time for Imagine!

And today is no exception. It's the music planning meeting for Beauty and the Beast. As we're doing three productions across the UK (Coventry, Loughborough and Porthcawl), the directors (well, nearly all) and musical directors have all come together in the Imagine offices to plan the musical numbers, stings, incidentals etc for the productions.

Some of the shows will feature original score, along side covers, but all will be musically completely different and unique.

Rob Marsden (Director, Porthcawl), Matt Loughran (Musical Director, Porthcawl and musical tutor at Loughborough), Steve Etherington (Musical Director Coventry & click tracks Loughborough & Porthcawl), Neil Bull (Director, Loughborough) and Steve Boden (Imagine Executive Producer) are all busy working away, and loud music is eminating from their meeting room! Iain Lauchlan is still up in Scotland and so can't be with us.

In true Imagine style, they've got cups of tea and a MASSIVE packet of Jammy Dodgers, so we know they'll come up with some cracking ideas!

L-R Steve Etherington, Rob Marsden, Ray Morrison, Matt Loughran, Neil Bull and Steve Boden