The 2008/09 Season is over... on with the next season!

Well, the final WISH pantomime of the 2008/9 season has just closed, and you'd think we're having a break, but no. Post production meetings on all our 2008 pantos take place within the next 2-3 weeks and from there we commence the planning and work on the 2009/10 season with avengance.

We already know what sets we are using in each venue, what the basic script is, what costumes we plan to use, and what special effects will be involved. Some will come from our vast stores while others need to be designed and made during the year.

At the WISH offices, we've already been inundated with set hire requests for the season, so the over the next couple of months we'll start firming those up and having production meetings and planning meetings with our hirers. It's a never ending world of panto at WISH!!