As our pantos draw to a close, here are some interesting facts for you...

  • Over 1,500 costume pieces have been prepped just for the WISH pantos alone (thanks Dawn)
  • We have let off 2,144 pyrotechnics
  • We have mixed 3,192 litres of slosh
  • Over 1km of text has been written on show and rehearsal reports
  • 16,284 costume changes have taken place
  • We've eaten 10 VERY LARGE tins of chocolates in the WISH offices
  • Between the WISH offfice team we've watched over 80 pantomimes this season!
  • And over 137,500 people have watched a WISH panto!

Thank you so much to all the casts, crew, venue staff, audiences and anyone who has helped us in any way for this pantomime season. We couldn't have done it without you and we are forever grateful.