It's busy in here today...

In the offices – (ready for this….) Steve Boden, Sarah Boden, Ray Morrison, Louise Redmond, Mike Royce, Bea O'Brien, Phil Roe, Ian Plimbley, Chris Ball, Richard Curran, Simon Butcher, Natalie Powell, Mark Thorburn, Colin Green, Dave McEvoy & Kevin McGreevy (now we really have run out of mugs :O(…)

What's happening today?
- Richard, Steve and Simon are meeting about Aladdin at Porthcawl
- Louise is chasing up babes licenses
- Sarah is updating the website and running panto payroll
- Ian, Chris, Mikey and Phil are building the waterfall for Mother Goose, Kilmarnock
- Natalie is preparing props for pantos
- Mike and Bea are working on the Goose for Kilmarnock (see our Kilmarnock Mother Goose page for more photos)
- Ray is working on contracts
- Kevin is planning for Jack and the Beanstalk, Crewe
- Mark has popped in for a cuppa.

Phil and Mikey get busy...

...While our friend and ex-colleague Mark Thorburn dropped in.