Phil starts with us

In the offices - Steve Boden, Sarah Boden, Ray Morrison, Louise Redmond, Mike Royce, Bea O'Brien, Phil Roe, Ian Plimbley, Chris Ball & Kevin McGreevy. We're rapidly running out of desk space there are so many people in! But even more critical is the distinct shortage of mugs for a cup of tea - anyone got any spare?!

Now panto season is here, we're completely swamped as you can imagine! So Phil Roe has come to join us for 3 months to assist with the logistics of all of our pantos and our set hires to third parties. Welcome Phil!

We also realised we've been rubbish and not had Ray on any photos, so here's double whammy of Phil and Ray (yes Phil really is 6ft 7inches tall!)

Chris is busy with our technical planning - here he is with the start of his tech area...