It's Lou's birthday today!

(and it's also the final day of prep before three of our pantos go into rehearsal! - Kilmarnock, Loughborough and Crewe all start rehearsing on Monday 17th November).
In the offices – Steve Boden, Sarah Boden, Louise Redmond, Bea O'Brien, Phil Roe, Ian Plimbley and Chris Ball.

And this is what we were greeted with around Lou's desk! Fab decorating chaps. Can you guess how old Louise is - she's trying to keep it quiet, but we won't let her!! And we've even got party bags with kids toys in! We are so excited. Can you tell we're doing Aladdin for two of our pantos - love the way they've used the lanterns to decorate the office! :O)

Other than partying, here's what the team are up to today;

  • Louise is finalising kids licenses and preparing for handover to Sarah. Louise heads off to Crewe on Monday to choreograph Jack and the Beanstalk so see you in 2 1/2 weeks, Lou!
  • Sarah is making sure all the salary payments are in order for the cast and crew.
  • Chris is finalising the technical prep. Chris heads off to Loughborough on Monday to design and operate sound for the show. See you in the middle of January, Chris.
  • Steve is heading off down to the Belgrade, Coventry, to see the first full scripts-down run-through of the panto.
  • Ian and Phil are in Derby picking up King Rat's hydraulic toliet for the Belgrade, and then they're moving the galleon down to the Belgrade too.
  • Bea is sourcing scenic artists for paint calls on our sets.