We're doing paperwork today - boo!

In the offices – Steve Boden, Sarah Boden, Ray Morrison, Louise Redmond, Mike Royce, Bea O'Brien, Phil Roe, Ian Plimbley, Chris Ball, Alexina Smalley and the painting team from the Belgrade.

What's happening today at WISH?
• Alex and the team from the Belgrade are painting the Galleon
• Steve and Louise are working on the 2009 Tweenies tour
• Sarah is doing the accounts (again!)
• Ray is proofing programmes
• Mike is building more props
• Bea is helping out in the offices
• Phil and Ian are preping props and scenery as the major load outs start next week.

Take a look at our Dick Whittington, Coventry page for images of the Galleon being painted.

We also had two 'Giants' in today for more Giant training for Jack and the Beanstalk. Tim from the Sands Centre, Carlisle, and Liam, our own Giant in Crewe both came over for a second session on their stilts and in their costumes. Unfortunately the camera battery was flat so we missed them in costume!

Mike is painting up the golden harp for Jack and the Beanstalk, Crewe, and making a new plinth for it.