Managing Director

  • Steve Boden – Steve is our Managing Director. He’s in charge. Blame him – we do! Steve likes sponge pudding and custard... ALOT. 

Administration and Marketing

  • Sarah Boden – Sarah's our Business Director, so she's quite busy doing some sums and stuff! When not at work she can be found whizzing round a golf course, practicing how to add up.

  • Louise Redmond - Louise is our Head of Production and Casting. She's a great internet shopper (wonder what will arrive in the post today, Lou?) and generally very nice person to have around! Lou's a dog lover whose Husky, Skye, likes keeping warm by the radiator, and whose Collie, Pluto, loves his morning cup of tea.

  • Laura Taylor - Laura's our Head of Marketing and Business Development. Laura lives in Ware. Where does Laura live? Laura lives in Ware. Where? Only Laura could get a panto joke out of where she lives!! Laura's pretty new to us so hasn't yet experienced an Imagine Theatre Christmas party... 

  • Katie Shilton –Katie's our Business and Marketing Administrator. Rather an adventurer who likes to spend her holidays riding on Elephants through the jungle! Katie’s a total admin star and she runs miles every day so she’s super fit! She's a dab hand at crown green bowls and brilliant at buying cream cakes.

  • Hannah Roberts –  (currently on maternity leave) Hannah's one of our Administration Assistants. Hannah’s fabulous with our babes licensing and admin and tends to spend the day singing quite a lot! Just whatever you do don't creep up on and surprise her. She's a bit jumpy!!

  • Amy White - Amy's one of our Administration Assistants.  Amy's a bit of a dancer! Luckily for us, she's also super organised and great in the office. Amy is covering for Hannah while she's on maternity leave.

  • Jen Parker -  Jen's one of our Administration Assistants. A total whizz at IT, Jen can turn her hand to anything. We're really sad she's leaving us soon though. However, she's due to become a mummy in September so she's got a really good reason for popping off!

  • Emma Wylde - Emma's one of our Administration Assistants. A singer at heart, Emma always has a lovely smile on her face. It does, however, make us wonder what she's been up to! Emma will cover for Jen when she goes on maternity leave.

  • Sarah Smith - (currently on maternity leave) Sarah's our Head of Accounts. She is mummy to three gorgeous treasures with a fourth due imminently. The boys in the stores have not yet played any tricks on her...

  • Jo Ely - One of our newest team members, she's not realised what she's let herself in for yet! Jo is maternity cover for Sarah S.

Operations, Stores and Technicals

  • David Edmunds - Dave's our Head of Operations. He makes THE most AMAZING chocolate flap jacks! 

  • Callum Roberts - Callum's our Head of Technical. Brilliant at breaking things, Callum spends his day's working with schedules, large electrical toys and keeping big boss Steve in order! He also eats lots of food and makes us all feel very hungry.

  • Kevin Smith - Kev works in our stores. Nothing this boy can't do! He can usually be found buried deep in the scenic store with a screwdriver or a drill in his hand! Kev is amazing at fishing and catches THE biggest fish we've ever seen!

  • Liam Smith - Liam works in our stores. Kev's son Liam is also part of our team. He's always got a huge grin on his face, and an amazing story to tell about his new tattoos and we love him for it.

Wardrobe Team

  • Dawn Outhwaite - Dawn's our Head of Wardrobe. Amazing wardrobe gal, whizz with a needle and fab designer person. Dawn has been known to do some very amusing things – like breaking an egg into her cup of coffee instead of the empty bowl in front of her. Oh Dawn! Where's the accident book? :O)

  • Karen Horton - Karen's our Deputy Head of Wardrobe and works on the production side too. Brilliant costume person, who's also really rather useful on lights and production management too. Karen doesn't like pink!

  • Aaron Gibson - A complete whizz with a sewing machine, Aaron's also an amazing performer. When he's not doing applique and pleating with us at HQ, he's performing in one of our shows as the Genie of the Lamp!

Scenic Artistry and Props

  • Jay Poole - (currently on maternity leave) Jay's in charge of our scenic refurbishments. Does lovely things with a can of UV paint. Tends to spread glitter and sparkle wherever she walks - literally! 

  • Katie Boyce - Katie is our Chief Props Maker. She is just amazing at creating beautiful things like full size crocodiles! Spends all her time covered in paint, glitter and glue...

  • Laura Walker - We're just getting to know Laura as she's only with us for the build up to Christmas 2017. But what we know so far is she loves glitter and sparkles so she fits in just fine!